essay代写-麒麟下午红茶的业务流程。麒麟下午红茶是商家精选。麒麟下午红茶是麒麟公司的一部分,麒麟公司是麒麟控股的子公司。公司主要控股酒精饮料行业。麒麟啤酒从1885年开始运营,当时它接管了美国啤酒商威廉·科普兰(William Copeland)留下的资产。这是一家日本啤酒公司,也销售其他饮料(麒麟,2017b, 2017c)。饮料可以直接零售,也可以通过网络零售。这项工作的重点是如何提高可持续性的麒麟下午红茶部分。该公司在软饮料业务有很强的业务,红茶部分是这些业务的一部分(麒麟,2017a)。麒麟还投资于物流和工程部门来处理它们的业务。他们在餐馆和房地产行业也很有名望。麒麟的业务流程整合了研发、营销和供应链。研发专注于发酵技术和生物技术应用的独特和前沿解决方案。市场营销的重点是了解消费者的需求。供应链注重效率,在更短的时间内实现更高质量的产品。

An integrated sustainability policy is recommended for the company. As the scope of an integrated sustainability policy would be high given that Kirin is a company with multiple holdings, and even in the specific black tea segment, spans internationally, only three aspects of integration will be considered.

Firstly, the business will check sourcing and syrup production for sustainability in sourcing and operations.

Secondly, sustainability check will come into place in the bottling segment. Bottle recycling stamps will be put on the bottles to remind the customer to submit them for recycling. The use of packaged cartons will be stopped.

Thirdly in the distribution segment, the focus will be on creating shorter and sustainable supply chains. The more the beverage has to travel to reach the consumer, the more the costs associated with it. Transporting syrup or even sharing formulae for the syrup with partners in foreign nations could help in reducing costs and fuel used in transportation.

Policy Scope

The policy proposed will be applicable to all subsidiaries under Kirin holdings that are operating in the beverage businesses, their partners (both local and international), their distributors, suppliers and other stakeholders. The proposed policies will also be applicable to all businesses that present support services for Kirin beverage companies.

Three resource targets identified are:

Sourcing and Syrup Production

Bottling and Packaging


There are many risks in this industry

There are high risks of contamination. In July of 2005, waste water from the Yokohama Plant of Kirin spilled waste water containing untreated microorganisms into the river because of operational malfunction (Kirin, 2006).

Unchecked sourcing of tea leaves

Packaging and Bottling contaminations have been present in the past.

Misprinting of labels and wrong expiry dates have resulted in voluntary recalls.

Bottled not being recycled properly by consumers because of lack of consumer engagement in sustainability

Packaged products result in landfills.

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