随着loT技术的发展,数据传输和数据共享在这个时代变得越来越容易。带有传感器和无线连接的设备可以很容易地跟踪和分析。政府可以利用这些数据追踪恐怖分子和绑架者。一些人认为,检查数据可以帮助政府控制犯罪,但其他人认为没有人有权跟踪别人的信息。Sanger(2016)提出,当电话公司加密数据时,政府无法监控数据,就会出现问题。然而,变暗并不一定意味着将没有可用的数据进行监视,而是意味着将有可用的数据以主机新技术的形式出现。最好是有政府,并在一端访问这些数据。然而,它也不应该提供给任何人使用,因为来自其他国家的黑客可以侵入数据并利用它。接下来新西兰传媒学论文代写-对数据检查的重要性供留学生阅读。 Even though inspecting mobile devices’ data may violate individuals’ privacy, it is making more contribution to control crime and track suspects. Governments can obtain all the location data and messages sending from individuals, but governments do not concentrate on this kind of information. The data they care about is only the information which contains sensitive words or the data sent from suspects. The location data from mobile device can give governments more chances to track kidnaps and terrorists. Especially the messages sending from suspects can be decrypted and help police to find suspects and obtain more evidences. (Sanger, 2016). One concern about the loT devices is that, not only government, other individuals or companies may also have ability to decrypt the data and obtain sensitive data from others. From my opinion, it is necessary for governments and police to obtain individual’s private data. But governments should strengthen the management of location data or any other private information. Governments have to ensure no other parties can obtain private data. With there being so many ways in which IoT devices are put to use, there would be much data being generated with it. Direct data collection can be done in the form of IoT device interaction reporting and more. Data can be collected on the use statistics of the IoT devices or network; it can be collected on the efficiency and the data that is actually being transferred could be collected and more. Whatever being the data collection, they would either be initiated by legal and right persons for the correct reasons or they would have been initiated by others (crime or cyber terrors groups). Given the vulnerability of the IoT system, it is necessary for the Government to monitor the system like a network administrator. The Government that should hence have the right and the ability to snoop networks and access data, but these forms of acquisitions must be governed and monitored in order to ensure that the government does not abuse their power. There are many geopolitical issues when it comes to monitoring. For instance, what would be the Government’s collaborations when it comes to snooping on another person’s data interactions when they are in another country. These forms of issues require more policy formations before they can be made sturdier. There are 4 important Vs for big data. They are Volume, Velocity, Variety and Veracity. The volume of data being used on the internet and IoT are on the rise The velocity with which data is being transferred via the networks makes more data available on the internet than never before. Besides these 4 Vs, some big data experts also pointed out some other important Vs for big data, Such as Value, Visualization and Variability. From my opinion, I think the Value is the most important “V”. We all know that the volume of big data will become much bigger in the future. How to use this huge size data and analysis this data will become the main concern of big data. Not all of data is accuracy and useful. When we use big data, it is important to ensure the chosen data is correct and useful. Otherwise, the redundant and incorrect data will make it more difficult in data analysis and may cause some errors. If most of data in database is incorrect, the database will lose it function (Bernard, 2014). So it is necessary that any business or an application has the ability to make use of the value of the data. 中国留学生英语论文不会写,可以找新西兰高阶论文代写Advanced Thesis平台机构,新西兰论文代写Advanced Thesis平台机构有认真负责的写手老师,可以解决中国留学生的论文写作难题,保证论文原创,为留学生提供新西兰代写、report代写、essay代写、assignment代写等论文服务,并使用权威的抄袭检测系统,让留学生们轻松应对论文写作并创作出专属个人的优秀论文!