It has been found that the reasons for using organizational research are that it helps the creation, retention and transference of knowledge within an organization. It helps the organization to become a learning organization that fosters growth and productivity. There is a scope to learn about all the issues in contention. The reasons for developing an organizational research are that it helps the researcher and the organization to gain skills that enables them to gain competitive analysis. It is mandatory to have organizational research, because it helps the companies to gain awareness of the situation and gain more holistic knowledge. In this case study, the organization wants to conduct a research study, because it wants to collect information on how the participants and parents perceive the games and how whether they could improve. Before the research was conducted, the study only had some form of anecdotal evidence collected from the participants or informal ways of understanding how they participants were satisfied. A formal and a proper marketing structure were missing. With the introduction of this research, it was possible for the organization to have a more formal understanding of participant’s opinions and feedback. Every organization needs to gain competitive advantages. For this, the companies should first understand some of its inherent issues. They can develop opportunities and address the inherent external threats. By addressing the issues, they will be more equipped to deal with the requirements of the situation. This would enable them to become a learning organization. This would promote growth and development by the organization. This is the reason that the organizational performance would improve along with productivity if the flaws are addressed. While the University is not trying to compete or outpace anyone at the moment, the University would like to know whether the participant and the parent satisfaction will turn into a motivation to join the University, whether they would be participating next year, and more. These answers could be arrived at only by understanding their current levels of satisfaction and the research proposes to understand this.

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