从本篇代写论文-英法两国之间争夺北美控制权的武装冲突中了解到,从一六八九年起英法两国之间发生了一系列争夺北美控制权的武装冲突,一七一O年诺.斯高莎半岛落入英军之手;法军则重新占领了皇家岛(如今的布列敦角)。法国人在那里修筑路易堡,来防御从对劳伦斯水道而来的英军,并以它为新生法兰西与西印度之间的贸易枢纽。路易堡在一七四五年被英军攻占,但到一七四八年双为法军所收复。英国人随后建筑了哈利法克斯城与之抗衡。在七年战争中英国确立了世界头号殖民强国的地位。在北美洲,杰弗雷.阿姆赫斯特将军率部于一七五八年再次从法军手中夺取了路易堡。接 下来本篇论文范文代写论文-英法两国之间争夺北美控制权的武装冲突供大家阅读了解如下。

In July 1755 the French defeated the British general braddock’s army at fort duquesne. News came that Charles Laurence, the English governor of nova scotia, had forcibly deported ten thousand of them to Louisiana, fearing that the French inhabitants of the native arcadia would seize the opportunity for disorder.

The following year, another British general, James Wolfe, won a decisive victory outside Quebec city and captured it. Montreal also fell to the British in 1760. By this time Britain was in effect in complete control of new France.

The treaty of Paris in 1763 officially made new France a British colony. British possessions in North America were then south to the gulf of Mexico and north to Hudson bay.

Britain’s victory meant that some 60,000 French canadians (including 1,500 acadians who had returned from Louisiana) had to adapt to a very different way of life.

Fortunately, British rule, on the whole, proved to be moderate. The British rulers adopted English criminal law, but soon realized that they had to keep the French civil law in use. The Quebec act of 1774 formally established that both sets of laws were in force simultaneously.

When the United States became independent in 1776, royalists, regardless of rank and file, fled the new United States of America and made their homes in Canada. These newcomers were quite different from the original inhabitants in religion, law and social system. How to adapt to each other between the two, who is the main serious problem.

This problem was partially solved in 1791. The colonial government divided the original province of Quebec into two parts, upper and lower Canada, which are now Ontario and Quebec. Each section has its own parliament.

The original province of nova scotia was gradually divided into several parts: prince Edward island became a British crown colony in 1769; The province of new Brunswick was founded in 1784; Newfoundland was originally a fishing base until it had its own provincial government in 1832.

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