论文代写-业务报告的分析。通过对业务报告的分析,我们发现报告风格的表达需要有一些基本的结构。报告与论文明显不同。报告风格需要有一个明确的执行摘要。本综述应涵盖作者的主要论点和总结(Zikmund et al., 2012)。它不同于抽象。执行摘要讨论了研究结果、分析方法、采用的研究方法和研究者从分析中提出的建议。目录清楚地详细讨论了报告中的所有元素。应该有一个清晰的介绍、正文和结论(Business Design 2012)。参考和附录应在报告之后。这是任何业务报告的基线。论文范文论文代写-业务报告的分析分享给留学生阅读。

From analyses of the business report, it has been found that a report style of presentation needs to have some basic structure. Reports are markedly different from essays. Report style needs to have a definite executive summary. This summary should cover the key arguments and summations made by the author (Zikmund et al., 2012). It is different from abstract. Executive summary discusses about the results, method of analysis, research methodology employed and recommendation proposed by the researcher from analysis. Table of contents clearly discusses in detail about all the elements in the report. There should be a clear introduction, body and conclusions (Business Design 2012). Referencing and appendix should follow the report. This is the baseline for any business report.
McDonald case study has the following structure. Initially, there is a strong table of contents. It has a clear executive summary. The introduction explains about the background of the research and also allows discusses about the different research methodology that will be used for the report writing. Key factors have been considered and it also provides with some insights about the assertions made by the author. Wider context of the issue has been probed. It is about the football partnership and grass root movement coordinated by McDonalds. Funnel based approach is used to develop content. From the wider context, specifics of football grass root movement organized by McDonalds are explained in detail in this analysis. From this analysis, the potential areas of growth and productivity are identified. Subsequent to this, the author has developed recommendations for their work. These recommendations are then proposed for specific growth of the McDonald future.
From analysis of the business report structure, it has been found that business report are even more specific. It does not factor in many ideologies and opinions. It consists of data and information. Assertions and claims are formed from the data that is obtained. Research methodology used for each report is very important. Initially, the researcher must define the key variables and develop research based on the information. Analysis must be made if the data should be descriptive or quantitative. Executive summary and abstract are very different concepts, which are understood by reading about business report. Abstract is only information and key discussions made by the author. Executive summary on the other hand discusses the key issues, research methodology and also proposes specific solutions. Essay and business report are markedly different in their way of presentations. The essential difference between the two has been understood from this analysis of McDonald Business report and from writing essay. This process has enabled the writer to understand the intrinsic difference between the two.

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