经济新闻的发布可以影响市场数据的变化和投资者的理解。这种影响并不完全是一种新现象,而且是1987年多年来一直在研究的一种现象,当时观察到,美国股市的崩盘被认为对波动性有很强的影响。波动性的传导非常强。对新闻公告的批评性审查将在减少影响方面发挥重要作用。Jiang等人(2010)认为,这种对经济新闻公告及其影响的批判性理解在当今时代将具有重要意义。从更大的意义上,人们可以理解经济消息发布带来的波动性冲击,以及它们如何在美国和欧洲股市传播。通过这样的分析,可以更好地回答新闻公告和投资者与企业的问题所带来的波动联系(Huang, 2015)。一个重要的问题是,要理解在宣布日和非宣布日的溢出效应是更高。本研究旨在了解essay代写-宏观经济消息对波动溢出效应的影响.

Economic news announcements have an impact on volatility indices and spillovers. Research results show that news announcements to a partial extent would have an impact on volatility spillovers and sometimes announcement related surprises could result in greater magnitude of these spillovers. Jiang et al. (2010) established that even when effect of news announcements is controlled, a significant volatility linkage exists. This suggests the need to understand how news announcements would impact different aspects of implied volatility indices such as VIX VXO and VXN.
Academicians and practitioners have both attempted to answer this question because of the following reasons. Firstly, understanding volatility spillovers are not just about understanding the spillover, it is about understanding how markets will be integrated. Stock market integration occurs across regions. Stock market and impact are not defined within regions but are in fact defined across regions. How markets can be integrated within regions or integrated across regions can be better understood by studying the volatility impact affected through economic news announcements, both surprise and scheduled. Transmission of volatility shock hence provides insight on how well these markets are integrated. The transmission of shocks can be traced back and information can be obtained (Bekaert et al., 2005).
The second main reason for understanding impact of volatility shock transmission is to know how international portfolio will be affected. International financial portfolios have to be maintained in the proper manner and no risks to such portfolios would be entertained as investors would stand to lose much in such uncertainty. They have to prepare for risks. Risk management considers changes in stock market, and news announcements are undeniably an important influencing factor. In this context, it becomes necessary to study how volatility shocks are created because of the news impact. Opportunities are created for risk analysts. Once the risk analyst is able to understand how volatility is transmitted in the market, they can understand the systematic transmission and impact factors (Cakan et al., 2015). Then based on how the scheduled news transmission or surprise news transmissions worked, they would be able to present trading strategies to their customers. Profitable trading strategies are preferred by people when they work with stock analysts (Donders and Vorst, 1996; Ederington and Lee, 1996). The third reason presented by Jiang et al. (2010) is that such analysis of volatility spillovers and news announcements will throw light on the fundamentals of the situation and the volatility contagion. A volatility contagion and its definition differs across research works but it has been observed that was some consensus. Contagion is understood as a transmission of shocks in an unanticipated manner. Sometimes normal spillover effects exist and at times interdependencies in the transmission of shock because of integrated markets will also exist in parallel. In the aftermath of a news effect, the contagion is differentiated from normal issues because it is not a normal interdependency. Therefore, according to Jiang et al. (2010) it would be easy to identify and segregate the contagion effects when studies are conducted on understanding the transmissions. The final reason to study spillover effects and their relation to macroeconomic news announcements is because of how it informs market efficiency.

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