代写论文网站-美国业务转移政策的多样性管理研究发现,由于欧洲和美国背景的本质差异,将本土业务从美国转移到英国等欧洲子公司并不是一个简单的过程。在多元化管理案例的实践中最引人注目的例子之一(Rose et al., 2011)。一个案例研究在英国跨国公司在美国的业务描述转移政策的多样性管理实现在他们最好的,不完整,基本适应本地即使相关实践全面高度以及为全球企业价值,具体包括项目全球结构多样性的组织设计支持计划,在全球范围内设定目标、监控和培训多样性(Richards, 2010)。接下来有关代写论文网站-美国业务转移政策的多样性管理分析如下:

It was found however that transferring of home practices from US to European subsidiaries such as in UK, is not a straightforward process because of essential differences between the European and US context. One of the most noticed examples in the practices of diversity management case (Rose et al., 2011). A case study over operations of UK of MNCs in US depicts that the transferred policies of diversity management implementation were at their best, not complete and subjected to essential adaptation locally even when related practices were comprehensive highly as well as concrete inclusive of programs for global corporate value, global structures in the organization designed for supporting initiatives of diversity, globally setting target as well as monitoring and globally training diversities (Richards, 2010). Managers from subsidiaries have found to claim that the essential transferred policies features were obtained from opportunities as well as pressures to the business systems of America and did not accept diversity policies aspects based upon the EU and UK legislations, for instance, which prohibit discrimination of positive nature such as setting target for increasing women managers percentage or the distinctive local labour markets composition. Another area of essential differences between contexts of UK and US lies in the employee voice and involvement practice (Ramamurti et al., 2009). While channels of collective communication such as working councils for statutory claims and practices for collective bargaining have been institutionalized widely across UK, practices to use channels of direct communication with employees are mostly existing within US because of the inadequate legislation related to involvement of employees in the processes to make decisions for the management (Pudelko et al., 2007). There is evidence, however of wider variations between US MNCs with UK based subsidiaries in their European practices adoption and implementation depends upon sector or organization particular factors.

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