在当前的全球环境中,粮食安全是一个普遍存在的问题,因此,世界不同地区必须集中精力在粮食安全问题上做出更小的努力。必须减少对利润的关注,必须更多地关注如何利用该区域的土地和资源。基于气候区域的牧场和作物种类的匹配将有助于培育更可持续和更自然的作物种植实践。热时间用于预测下列哪种作物品种可以生长在a) Chirstchurch区和b) Hamilton (Ruakura)区。热时间是基于热基萌发模型的概念,以预测植物的萌发率和萌发时间。它是在一个基本温度之上的日平均温度的积累。为了计算热时间,必须知道发芽的基本最低温度。


大麦 在10厘米深的巴利土温度必须达到6.5摄氏度或更高。

小麦 10厘米深度的小麦土壤温度必须达到6.5摄氏度或更高。

豌豆 农民的温度在10厘米的深度必须是6.5摄氏度或更大。

玉米 迈兹油温度在10厘米深度必须达到10摄氏度或更大。





In the current global environment where food security is a widespread issue, it becomes essential for different regions of the world to focus on doing their part towards making food security issues lesser so. There has to be less focus on profit taking and more focus has to be given to making use of the availability of land and resources in the region.Matching pasture and crop species based on the climate region will help inculcate crop growing practices that are more sustainable and natural. Thermal time is used to predict which of the following crop species can be grown in a) the Chirstchurch district and b) the Hamilton (Ruakura) district. Thermal time is based on the notion of thermal based germination models in order to predict germination rate and germination timings of plants. It is the accumulation of daily mean temperature above a base temperature. Base minimum temperature for germination has to be known in order to calculate thermal times.

BarleySoil temperature at 10 cm depth has to be 6.5 degree Celsius or greater
WheatSoil temperature at 10 cm depth has to be 6.5 degree Celsius or greater
PeasSoil temperature at 10 cm depth has to be 6.5 degree Celsius or greater
MaizeSoil temperature at 10 cm depth has to be 10 degree Celsius or greater
RIsk of Frost has to be minimal, average of 1.5 or lesser per month
Data such as frost data or average grass minimum temperature to show when maize seedlings can be affected
Assuming crops are grown in spring, make use of thermal time to maturation for crops Table 1 and Thermal time data Tables 4A and 4B to determine if sufficient thermal time is present for each crop to mature by end of summer, including March.