新西兰论文代写-阿片类药物管理系统。阿片类和阿片类药物是止痛药。它们是从鸦片中提取出来的,用于合成缓解身体疼痛的药物。在医院的护理环境中,医生会为遭受病痛折磨的病人开处方。常见的阿片类药物有Vicoden、oxycodone、festally和编纂烯。医生开这些药是为了减轻身体的疼痛。它通常是开给极度疼痛的病人的。这是一种疼痛管理策略,是为了确保病人的舒适而开发的。目前的阿片类药物管理系统需要仔细分析,以防止这种情况在未来。本研究呼吁改变药物处方制度(Inocencio et al., 2013)。这应该与病人实际感受到的疼痛和他们的情况相一致。过度开药只会对患者有害,并增加过程中涉及的成本。论文范文新西兰论文代写-阿片类药物管理系统分享给留学生阅读。

Opioid and opiates are prescribed as painkillers. They are derived from opium for synthetic versions of pain relief in the body. Opiates are prescribed in the hospital care settings for patients who are suffering from the pain. Common opiates are Vicoden, oxycodone, festally and codiene . They are prescribed to reduce pain in the body. It is usually prescribed to patients who are in excessive pain. It is a pain management strategy that is developed for ensuring the comfort of the patients. In 2009, the total costs that were involved for 20.37 billion dollars with indirect costs that accounted for more than 89% of the total. The direct costs involved in opium were 2.2 billion dollars (Inocencio et al., 2013). Opioid related poisoning was also found to be on the rise owing to prescribing these medications in extra to the patients. This causes high rates of mortality, reduces the quality of patient care and also increases the likelihood of poisoning for the patients. This causes dearth of need of the medications for the patients who actually require the medicine (Inocencio et al., 2013). Current system of administering opioid related drugs needs to be carefully analyzed to prevent this condition in the future. This study calls for the change in the system regarding the prescribing of the drugs (Inocencio et al., 2013). This should be in tandem to the actual pain felt by the patients and their conditions. Over prescribing only is detrimental to the patients and increases the costs involved in the process.

Over medication is given to patients by the hospitals to prevent that particular condition from recurring, because of the post infections from surgery, to completely eradicate the condition and to ensure that the particular condition is treated properly. In their zealous efforts to solve and curb the conditions, they seem to over medicate the people. In this situation, more toxicity is found to accumulate in the body and this cases systemic damage to the body. This needs to be addressed. Already the issues of increasing inflation, rising health care costs, labor supply, and increase of auto inhume diseases and conditions such as cancer is plaguing the societies. This adds to the financial burdens. During those times by increasing the medication, it actually causes more harm than good. To address this condition, there should be a systemic review of the processes undertaken by the health care workers and the individual hospitals. This is not a process that can be achieved by one stakeholder participation. There is a need for all the stakeholders involved in the situation to address these issues. The management strategies for the health care system are elucidated in detail in the following.

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