在本篇essay代写-电视真人秀的吸引力和伪纪录片的影响中了解到,Reiss等人(2004)采用了一种完全不同的方法来研究电视真人秀的吸引力和伪纪录片的影响。他们使用一种名为16动机Reiss剖面的标准化工具对成年观众进行了调查。研究人员的重点放在5个特定的现实项目上,并测量了最终特质动机和内在动机(Lebow 2006)。这些动机是如此,他们涵盖了广泛的人类需求,如接触,家庭,权力和理想主义的观点。从他们的发现,很明显,当人们面向更多的状态时,他们更有可能看的真人秀节目的需求感觉individually-essential因为认为人民是真正让这些观众心理重视观众的感知优势(2001年罗斯科等)。此外,现实类型美化了普通人的经历,因此允许普通观众继续幻想获得名人的地位。接下来有关essay代写-电视真人秀的吸引力和伪纪录片的影响分析如下:

A different approach altogether was adopted by Reiss et al, (2004), to study the reality TV appeal and mockumentary influence. A survey was conducted by them on adult audience by using a standardized instrument called 16-motive Reiss profile. The focus of the researchers was on 5 particular reality programs and end-trait motives along with intrinsic motives were measured (Lebow 2006). These motives were such that they covered a wide range of human requirements such as contact, family, power and idealistic view. From their findings, it is evident that when people are more oriented on their state, they are more likely for watching reality programs out of the requirement of feeling individually-essential because the thought that the people are real allows these viewers with a psychological importance to the superiority perception of the viewer (Roscoe et al 2001). Additionally, the genre of reality glorifies the ordinary individual’s experiences and therefore allows the ordinary audience to keep fantasizing on gaining a status of them being celebrity.
This is in complete alignment with the interview results wherein it was evident that maximum individuals watched reality TV only because it had an enigma, stressful environment and engagement of the audience within the show (Nabi et al 2003). Peep Show and Marion and Geoff are only two such shows which offered POV usage. The usage of this show allowed the audience to become a part of the show and follow the characters as if they were there with the character inside the screen.
It was also evident from the interview that value was given by the viewers on entertainment and addictive pass time as motivation factors more than that voyeurism (Reiss et al 2004). This was surprisingly given the famous folklore that often describes living vicariously through characters based on reality as the key appeal of reality TV shows and mockumentaries.

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