assignment代写-数据库营销。组织需要在目标客户基础上调整他们的营销活动。企业甚至需要考虑采用那些最佳实践,这些最佳实践允许组织对客户的信息进行归档,并根据客户的偏好进行更新。数据库营销的专家建议,组织应该利用数据库营销,他们应该使这种营销形式的广告倡议的一个重要组成部分(Tiago和Verissimo, 2014)。组织应该使用数据库营销的最佳实践,根据目标受众调整每个实践(De Bock, 2016)。这需要在不忘记始终了解客户当前倾向的情况下进行实践,并在未来的计划中集成当前数据。接下来论文范文assignment代写-数据库营销分享给留学生阅读。

Customers are at the core of database marketing. Organizations need to align their campaigns of marketing across the client base at targeted (Risselada et al., 2014). Businesses even require considering adopting those best practices, which can allow the organization to archive the information of customers and update the same with regard to changing preferences of the customer. Specialists of database marketing are of the recommendation that organizations should make use of database marketing and they should make this marketing form an important component of their initiatives in advertising (Tiago and Verissimo, 2014). The organizations should use best practices in database marketing for aligning every practice as per the audience at target (De Bock, 2016). This is required to be practiced without forgetting the need to always be informed over the current inclinations of customer and for integrating present data within initiatives of future.
Another best practice is to ensure every data stream and source is analysed. The tools which offer best experience to the customer undertake analysis of data. The data for analysis can be obtained from an organization’s technological stack and across every stream of data. Henceforth, it becomes critical that one gathers information (Chopoorian et al., 2015). For obtaining a proper picture of the customer, it is crucial to apply the tools that help in data analysis from every source available such as CRM system, lakes of data, customer web behaviour and systems with POS.
Utilization of predictive analytics is another best practice. With a lot of data available for organizations, marketers of database marketing who make the correct choice of tools gain the ability of leveraging prediction when analysing their customers (Forbes et al., 2016). This allows in pushing alerts as well as notifications for the customers at the time when they most required it. Such insights can provide companies with the ability of removing problems even before they come up and this can also help in driving the current customers’ loyalty.

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