assignment代写-技术对商业组织工作方式的改变。不可否认,技术已经彻底改变了商业组织的工作方式。这些革命是突出的,当考虑到进行上述分析集中在全球虚拟团队和ERP系统。在当今时代,商业组织已经采用了诸如视频会议、聊天和电子邮件等媒体技术,这些技术为商业带来了许多显著的好处。在这些好处的影响下,业务被提供了大量的简化流程。随着信息和通信的快速传播,世界开始变小,这似乎对商业活动的进行方式产生了重大影响。在当今时代,技术的进步已经开始增加将传统的手工工作自动化的可能性(HassabElnaby et al., 2012)。接下来论文范文assignment代写-技术对商业组织工作方式的改变分享给留学生阅读。

There is no denial in the fact that technology has ended up revolutionizing the ways in which business organizations work. These revolutions are prominent when considering the analysis conducted above focusing on global virtual teams and ERP system. In the current era, business organizations have been adopting the technologies of media like video conferencing, chat and e-mail that enable a number of significant benefits for businesses. Under the influence of these benefits, businesses are provided with a significant scope of simplified processes. With the fast travelling of information and communication, the world has started to become small and this appears to be having major implication for the way in which business activities are being conducted. In the current era, advancement of technology has started to increase the possibility of automating majority of the work which was traditionally done manually (HassabElnaby et al., 2012). This is applicable to both white collar work considering artificial intelligence and blue collar jobs considering the Internet of Things and robotics. It is worth noting that even though technology has ended up removing the requirement for certain categories of job, it has been creating new ones as well. Technology can be considered as a combination of tools used by everyone in a number of ways for the enhancement of efficiency. The industrial revolution did result in the destruction of certain job, but it also resulted in creating many other. Ignoring the basic dimensions regarding the evolution of technology, the entire work setting has ended up becoming a fluid form. This is because there can be performance of work from almost any place until or unless one has a relevant device and internet connection (Majchrzak et al., 2010). Hence, this proves the point that technology is a major reliable support for business organizations in the current era. In discussion about the key business implications, the significant involvement of ERP and virtual teams in business organizations has been considered and appropriate evidences are provided for the same.

The critical discussion conducted in the essay concludes that “The paperless office will arrive at the same time as the paperless toilet”. This means that in the current era, a number of technologies are being relied upon for the performance of business functions and processes. The two technological concepts analysed in the essay are ERP systems and Global Virtual Teams. The effectiveness of ERP is well evident with the integrated view, it provides for the core processes of the business in real-time by the use of common databases. This is considered to be an important tool by organizations, as it assists businesses in integrating varied systems of organization and facilitating production and transactions free of error. On the other hand, the evolution of virtual teams have been enabling collaboration (Sheoran, 2012). This is done under the support of technologies of communication across organizational, cultural, temporal, and geographical boundaries for the achievement of common objective in their outputs. Such evolutions have been affecting a number of dimensions of business operations and processes all across the globe. Though there has been an enhancement in several contexts, there are still certain negative implications of relying so much on technology and its sources. However, the benefits are still highly prominent. 

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