新西兰教育学论文代写-华纳兄弟的失败经验总结。值得注意的是,华纳兄弟(Warner Bros.)应该对其产品进行一些明显的改变和修改,引入整体的多样性。华纳兄弟、迪士尼和漫威之间的竞争范围非常激烈,娱乐机构从这两个系列中获益应该会超过对方(Gillespie, 2013)。在娱乐产品可访问性的方式不断变化的基础上,公司应该专注于下一代和当前一代发行场景的最大化,以确保通过不同的设备、平台和渠道为故事中的观众提供可用的内容(Marks and Mirvis, 2010)。通过将业务单元组合起来,并简化将消费者的内容交付给工作室的流程,随着家庭娱乐市场的快速发展,组织必须专注于维护定义和行业主导角色。

This is done by moving the home entertainment experiences of consumers as a new era (Liu, 2013). The key focus should be on overseeing and growing the whole portfolio in the television businesses of Warner Bros. that includes global broadcasting, digital and traditional distribution and production. In the traditional arena of television, Warner Bros. focuses on the production of cable and primetime, first run syndication and animated programming. There is global distribution by different operations in categories. As a significant example, in the case of Warner Bros Studio Stores, the number of customers was relatively low when the stores were produced but the customers started to grow exponentially to the point where each of the potential customers already had the offered merchandise. The universe of the regular users was reached to the natural limit due to which increment is sale was difficult to achieve (Chang et al., 2014). The Time Warner was acquired by the AOL and shortly after the emergence of AOL Time Warner the decision of closing the 130 stores was taken resulting from the shrinkage of market and stale merchandise which made negligible contributions to the bottom line of the parent organization (Malmendier and Tate, 2015).
4th Section: Reflections on group activity
In our group, the first scenario was chosen wherein the restoration of the business position remained the objective to achieve prior to reaching the credit crunch. The scenario consisted of position restoration without any major change of strategic nature to allow the growth of business afterwards.
Various changes to the marketing plan will be made as following the same marketing plan will not result in the effective marketing execution and achievement of the marketing objectives (Tolentino, 2017). I realized it through the review of the previously made marketing plan that only the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of the situation were elaborated. However, it did not provide with the substantial strategies of marketing, marketing mix analysis and development of the target segmentation. It is identified from the research that establishing the primary target audience is critical for any organization to be successful in their marketing endeavours. The marketing plan that was developed earlier showcases the elements that I can work upon and implement within the small business to cater to more number of customers. However, I found that it does not indicate the manner in which marketing for the organization will be performed. The business strategy followed by Warner Bros Studio Store consisted of offering the same merchandise to the competitors namely Kmart and Target along with e-commerce that made the merchandise reach saturation within the target market (Gordon, 2016). The overt presence of the studio stores and merchandise in the market resulted in the change of the customer interest from the animated action figures that resulted in the reduction of sales and incurring more cost to the organization than profit.

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