However, the negotiators of America rejected this claim while asserting complete authority across colonies for possessing western lands across the Mississippi. As they negotiated with the Indigenous Americans, Americans were putting in efforts for convincing the Indians that as they chose the wrong side during war, they ended up losing their rights completely. During the battles of the American Revolution, as like others living of North America, Native Americans had after both select the patriot motive then the loyalist purpose observed with the aid of the preservation on neutral stance. However, Native Americans were consumed with their own issues for wearing on their homelands along side maintaining the accessibility on materials then walks of life so war was engulfing their areas as much well. Some considered assisting the British colonists, whilst others had been aiding the colonists about America.

Neither the aboriginals from South, nor from the Old Northwest, nor the Iroquois made a tamely acceptance of assertions made by colonists by right of conquest across the sovereignty. Even though majority of the powerful countries were holding back the phase of English expansion, they were still possessing power and land diminished partially as a result of the war. Attempts were made by the forces of America for imposing their will over the indigenous Americans confirming to conquer the Indians by the Americans in the American Revolution though there was repeated frustration out of these attempts.
The strength and resistance of natives ended up refuting the notion that there must be assertion of conquest instead of winning it. The Seven Years’ war ended up changing the social, governmental, political and economic relations between Spain, France and Britain, along with their colonists and colonies, and Indigenous Americans inhabiting the claimed territories. Britain and France were suffering due to the war financially, with crucial consequences in the longer run.

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