If farming solutions will expand in the future they will have more share holders and this will be problematic for Henry. The first recommendation is about the usage of limited liability. Henry should enforce this concept and give every authority to the organization and not the members of the organization. Along with this farming solutions should be private company that does not involve stake holders in the process of owning the company and getting a wrong idea.

After viewing the Salmons case where corporation was a legal entity and company with endowed with all legal requirements. By this the company became powerhouse of capitalism that was beneficial for the organization. But this case was disastrous because defraud and legal obligations were encouraged. Farming solutions should not follow this case and work for the benefit of the organization. Henry and mark should view the future consequences and how can they impact the company.

After looking at the lifting the veil of incorporation it is advised to Mr. Henry and Mark to drop the idea of making family members a part of the organization. The reason behind this can be the lifting the veil of incorporation by the court. If the company goes in crisis then the family will be held liable. If Mr. Henry hires people from outside then they will be held liable in such condition and Mr. Henry be saved.