The main campaign would be about the ways in which the people will be able to control and take specific measures about the ways in which the people can take control of their lives.
There will be the following activities for the campaign
Social media invites to the people who have liked the page
Invitation to the health and hospital institutes
Posting invitation in the fitness centres and hospitals
Invitation to the companies i.e. invitation to the blue-collar workers about the heart health
Organizations of webinars to create a situation where the people can also willingly participate in the health
Organizing small workshops in the shopping areas to connect with the people.
It is expected that there will be increase in the number of people to buy the health monitors after the campaign. It is also expected that there will be continual increase in the number of people who choose to the buy the products.

To conclude, the companies in the newer times need to have a specific campaign with a clear agenda. The campaign must be beneficial for all the stakeholders who are involved in the system. In this campaign, the men in the blue-collar jobs are the target segments. The government and the hospitals can reduce costs of healthcare and improve the overall quality of life by using the preventive medicine and care. The people will be benefitted in this schema as it improves the quality of life. There can be clear directional goals that the people can set in order to maintain proper health. This campaign would increase the quality of life and also ensure that there are more sales for the equipment. In spite of the best heath practices, people may not be aware of their specific health ailments. These tools will have enabled the people to gain insights about the specific issues. Hence all the stakeholders will be benefitted in this process and this is international campaign would resonate with the people across Europe.

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