新西兰论文代写 女性



Women were seen in minority classes as far as their situation and position is considered in World War I. Although they were at key positions, yet still did not have power to rule or act. It has been observed that after WWI, women were given right to vote. There were few countries that gave this right to women like: Finland, Australia and Norway etc. In several other countries they still had to wait for getting these rights like: Sweden, Holland, Denmark and Iceland. It was seen that politicians in Britain wanted to avoid giving them majority as well as voting. Women were not at all given importance. It was only few countries as discussed above. Women were at the key positions in the government companies. It could be said that they got more importance after Second World War than the first. Up to World War I women were not given importance. After Second World War, women started working well and occupied high positions in the government organizations.  It is also seen that after World War I most of the women started fighting for their rights and even wanted that each women should get right to vote. It was German Woman who got the right to vote in the year 1918. It could be said that their role had not been confined to the domestic work only rather they were at the key positions and even fought for their voting rights.