Promotion: for promotional campaign important facets are focusing on the Internet to make sales and to reduce the costs involved in promotional campaign. Traditionally TV ads costs a lot more than online marketing. This can increase the sales of the company. They need to develop a strong digital marketing strategy. The influencers of the community are found in social media app. These people should be used for the promotional campaign.

Price: Pricing of a product is extremely important esp. for Warehouse group. They face a tough competition in the current markets. K-Mart, Briscoes are found to be popular. The company should price the products lower, increase consumer loyalty and introduce more innovative referral programs. This would increase the frequency of the people in buying the brand. for this developing a better distribution system will reduce the final cost of the product. This can be achieved by forming alliance with the local suppliers and distributors.

People: For this the company should divide the concept of people into two categories. One is the employees of the company and the other is the consumer. The company should devise a strategy to increase the role of Warehouse group in the local communities. for this they need to develop good employee relationship and work with the local community projects can increase the sales of the company.

Objectives of the company are to increase sales, reduce customer acquisition, increase brand patronage and pricing of the product is to be competitive. In this situation the company should form alliance with the smaller companies and distributer. Develop more awareness of the product by focusing on the employee and the community. Increase relationship with the consumers by developing newer mediums of communication. Apart from this the company needs to expand operations into newer markets. Combination of these approaches will result in best practices for the company. This would in turn help the company meet the goals.

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