IT as Implementer: This is the main stage of BPR, where the actual implementation of the new strategies, business processes and techniques are done. The new BPR processes are generally started as pilot testing modules and their results are monitored for critical decisions which lays the future course of action for that particular BPR module. In the third stage, after the implementation of the BPR, IT is used for evaluation of the effect brought in by the BPR. The success and then the continuation of the BPR can be determined by using IT tools like management and evaluation tools. The maintenance of these changes could also be monitored by the use of IT. Real time communication tools help in analyzing the results on the continuous basis. It also helps to limit the negative effects, if any, immediately so as to save the company’s cost and performance. Also to further work in the direction of the designed BPR, it is necessary to have clarity about the potential results of the current investments made. The evaluation tools like Process Value Estimation (PVE) methodology by Pacific Bell, etc. are used to conclude how much the new process are adding to the value of business processes (Housel, Bell and Kanevsky, 1994). IT also helps in the functioning of the cross functional teams which facilitate the effectiveness of BPR.

The role of IT discussed here is not exhaustive and there are further implications brought in by IT in BPR that can be explored and discussed. The research can be directed to study the exact contribution of IT in various BPR stages by using scientific evaluation methods. Further research could also include the sample evaluation of BPR with the help of tools like Process Value Estimation (PVE) methodology, etc. Also the role of IT in human relation management at the times of changes in the company due to BPR could be explored. BPR is affective when the employees of the company accept the new job roles and structure decided for them. Therefore, it is important for the company to take views and opinions of employees to keep them motivated and involved. The role of IT to achieve this goal can be further discussed.

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