In tourism industry or events, visitors always expect high quality greetings, customs and behaviour from the providers. It is very important aspect for the success of any tourism related business. For any tour event planner or organizer, it is very important to understand the need of their customers and what they expect from the event. Accordingly, organizing all the possible functionalities is done. An idea is dawn to be focused on organizing event or trip considering all possible factors that can affect the event. Analyzing and preparing plans for issues or challenges for place, timing, resource availability and health & safety of visitors must take care of by organizers.
This article is published by Office of Multicultural Interests by the government of Western Australia. It is aimed to provide understanding on how important it is for any event organizer to plan for the event. Successfully planning always results in ability to make the event success. Scheduling and charting are the methods that can be adopted by event organizers to check for all services to be provided.
This article is relevant for the project because it helps to demonstrate understanding of how proper scheduling and planning for a tourism event can be crucial in providing effective customer services. If all the major aspects of services and satisfaction are considered successfully, certainly consumers get satisfied and they make a repurchase from the service providers. For a travel agency it is very important to plan all activities that would be offered to its audiences during trips. Any misconduct by any level of providers whether it is hotel, transport, food etc, it might result in losing customers.