新西兰教育学论文代写-有机磷农药使用的危害。在美国等一些国家,有机磷农药通常被认为是安全的,尽管这是不正确的。人们已经注意到,每一种有机磷农药都有其危害。在美国,有机磷农药的使用被认为是安全的,如果人们长期处于低水平的有机磷农药接触中是无害的,而长期低水平的有机磷农药接触会导致企业所拥有的神经功能下降。有时,有机磷农药残留在食品中。这可能对食用食品材料的人造成严重伤害(Eskenazi et al . 792-798)。因此,它们在每一种情况下都是有害的,即使人可能接触到低水平的杀虫剂,一般也不被认为是安全的。ADME后直接影响自主神经系统,对人体危害极大。因此,应尽量减少有机磷农药的使用,并应控制有机磷农药的使用。

It has been observed that the people are generally very concerned about the exposure to the Organophosphate Pesticides. This is a very harmful pesticide and is the cause of death of many people every year. These pesticides have extremely high values of toxicity and are generally considered to be junior strength nerve agents as they have the similar mechanism action to the nerve gas. When Organophosphate pesticides enter into the body of human being either through ingestion, inhalation or through skin contact, they inhibit the enzyme known as cholinesterase which breaks acetylcholine. It has been observed under some of the researches that while high levels of exposure to this may lead to the death while chronic low level exposure can lead to serious health consequences.

There are few side effects of Bethanechol when gave the same to the patient who is suffering from postoperative ileus. Some of the moderate side effects include the belching, blurring of vision diarrhea, feeling fainted, increase in the watering of the mouth, increase in the vomiting. Some of the mechanical side effects may be observed when Bethanechol is given. This includes the cardiovascular side effects which includes the decrease in the blood pressures because of the reflex tachycardia and vasomotor response, nervous system side effects which includes the headache, hypothermia and seizures, Ocular side effects which includes the lacrimation and miosis, gastrointestinal side effects which may include the cramps in the abdomen, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and renal side effects which includes the urinary urgency and also the dermatologic side effects which includes the warmth/ heat, flushing and sweating. Some other symptoms may include cholinergic overstimulation which may have the symptoms of circulatory collapse, the fall in blood pressure, cramps in the abdomen region, bloody diarrhea, and cardiac arrest (Carapeti et al 1359). Therefore, it can be accessed that there are a number of mechanical side effects of Bethanechol and it should be avoided by the doctors and practitioners.

The treatment involving the sympathetic or parasympathetic nervous system is very tricky. This is because these are the two most important nerves of the brain. On one hand the parasympathetic nervous system (PNS) does the control of the homeostasis and the body at rest. It is very important and is largely responsible for the rest and digest functions of the body. It is actually one of the two main divisions of the Autonomic Nervous system of the brain. Sympathetic nervous system is one of the two main parts which forms toe Autonomic Nervous Systems. It is helpful in mobilizing the fight or flight related response. When either of the two nervous systems is damaged, there may be autonomic dysfunction in the body. The treatment in case of either of the two is very difficult (Pfeifer et al 249-258). The treatment is very tricky and generally cannot be cured. This is because that it is irresistible to repeat the damage nervous systems. There is simply no recovery for the same. If the same is identified in the earlier phase, it can lead to the slowness of the progression of the disease and the symptoms of the disease. This can help in minimizing the progression of the disease and decrease the harmful symptoms associated with the disease.

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