Growth of technology, changing ideology, piracy, imperialism impedes the growth of the sports companies. The viewership is impacted by the innate issues of piracy. This industry is similar to the entertainment industry and the spectators are impacted by this development. There is growing western ideologies in the world that shapes the sports. However, each culture is unique and the impact of the social and economics viewpoint cannot be dismissed in the sports marketing. This comes down to emotional content of the consumers.
The sports are considered to be an emotional aspect. It is an unpredictable and unscripted natire. It has the ability to foray into a variety of emotions. The consumer the emotional aspect of the sports is the driving force. The consumer will not develop patronage for a brand that they simply do not connect with on an emotional level. The consumers have strong opinions in the case of the sports teams. This emotion is impacted by the geographical location, social behaviours, customs of the places and the growing general analogies.

To conclude, the advent of globalization has caused cultural imperialism. They play a major role in how the sports connect and resonate with people. In the case of sports sector the emotional connect with the sports is the most important driving factor for the development of audience base and leveraging of the audience participation. This is how the media is produced and consumed in the markets. However, there is a nationalistic tendency, legacy of the particular sports to different communities, unique value proposition that are developed in the nations That continue to be a driving force for the communities. These need to be considered as well. Hence, the sports marketing cannot be a homogenous entity. It will be an eclectic mix of the homogenous values and the local cultural proximity. This is evident in the network society. From this, the sports marketing cannot be a homogenous entity as it is based on the emotions of people that vary. Owing to this, the sports marketing and branding might be impacted to a certain level with the advent of the technology and globalization. However, the core values of the sports and the organizational impact needs to be considered in the development of appropriate marketing. These are the main allusions that can be made from this analysis.

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