The data that was collected helped in calculating the average value of the expected and the perceived services for all the components of SERVQUAL. The reliability Gap Score calculation was estimated to be -1.55
As per the findings, it can be noted that the expected services by Tesco and the services perceived are actually not aligned. The largest gap is in terms of the reliability. It is seen that the quality service is not provided on time and they do not work efficiently to live up to the expectation of the customers. There are different types of Gaps seen to show based on the GAP Score.
Measurement of Quality of service:
The measurement of the quality of the services can be measured with different tools. The most commonly used tool for research involves bench marking and market research. In this scenario, the researcher will be using the questionnaire for analysing the level of services that is enjoyed by the customers of Greek Yoghurt.
Research Skills
The research skills that were applied for performing the research stressed on the use of the reliable materials like the different literatures and journals that were available from the internet for the purpose. The focus of the topic is on the importance of service quality and its effect on the satisfaction of the customers and the researcher was able to carry out the research after extensive analysis. Since the main objective of the paper was to analyse the service quality, there is the use of the SERVQUAL model (Newman, 2001). The researcher was able to perform the research at least a month back before the actual presentation of the research. With an extensive reading of journals and textbooks, a presentation was delivered. The questions are designed on the qualitative questionnaire basis. It has helped in understanding the value of the research and helped in applying the skills in the practical field (Sillars, 2017).

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