As an event mainly held by the Marketing Department, our team attached much emphasis on it. In this condition, my responsibility was to assist my team with the project management. My tasks were mainly to formulate the overall plan, write the proposal, confirm the invitation list, invite the tenders of suppliers and draft the invitation letters. Nevertheless, this management process didn’t go so smoothly as the PAB Meeting. We met many obstacles during the whole process. At the beginning, there was a possibility that the CIO Forum might be combined with another event. Therefore, the number of participants, agenda, venue and forum content were not fixed. We had to discuss with the regional departments, such as France, Germany, UK and so on, to make a final decision. At that time, I was not only supposed to join meetings, but also responsible for booking meetings. I needed to arrange a timetable available for every department to attend. I also needed to draft proper themes for different meetings.
After collecting all the requirements from every department, the final decision was rather frustrating. We arrived at an agreement to combine the CIO Forum with another event and rename it as “Huawei Connect|Europe”. This adjustment meant that all the previous efforts we made were in vain. We needed to do everything all over again from the beginning. No matter how hard we tried, it was impossible to change the final decision, and the only thing we could do was to accept. This event combined two different target groups, so we needed to consider more about the feelings of the attendees. It would be a challenge for us to rearrange the content and agenda of the event to meet all attendees’ demands. However, the biggest problem was that there were once two planning teams for two events respectively, but then we needed to cooperatewith each other as one team. Different demands resulted in many conflicts on resource distribution between us. The atmosphere in the meeting was getting more and more tense. Under such situation, I firstly finished the work that we had already reached an agreement and left the controversial things to remain. I also tried to control myself in the meetings. I tried to present my report reasonably and be a patient listener when other people gave their speeches. With the compromise of everyone, we finally formed a relationship of cooperation rather than competition.

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