Launches is the past form of the word launch which has multiple connotations in the English language of which the most common one means to incept or inaugurate. It has been anciently used to also refer to a motorboat as well and is grammatically a simple verb that indicates some action.

Talking Books is a multi-word item and a noun that indicates a contemporary concept to aid the visually impaired in reading books. It is a formally used term to indicate the phonograph record of a book without the need to read.

“Publishers” is the plural form of the simple word publisher that is a formal title given to a person who is into the business of publishing and printing. The reference to the word is much dated and is a literally used word in the language.

eReader manufacturer is a multi-word noun that indicates the person or business that produces an electronic and portable device for reading. The reference of this phrase is to digital manufacturers and is applied in a formal and literal sense.

“Those with sight loss” is a phrase used to describe the blind and the visually impaired. It is a compound multi-word item that is a much dated reference to the sightless but is a formal reference in text when using the word blind is quite clichéd.