在本篇论文范文留学申请文书代写-广告的未来动态和影响中,我们讨论了广告在过去、现在和未来的动态。在过去和现在,广告一直是许多公司和产品成功的根本。广告的影响在过去、现在和将来都是巨大的。Aeron Davis说的很对,到处都是促销活动。促销活动将不断重塑个人和整个社会。这种变化多年来一直存在,今后也将继续存在。在不久的将来,广告活动将更加活跃。消费者将成为广告过程的一部分。接下来论文范文留学申请文书代写-广告的未来动态和影响分享给留学生阅读。

Advertising has been the root of success for a large number of companies and the products in the near past and present. The impact of advertisement has been huge in the past, present and will be there in future as well. It has been rightly said by Aeron Davis that promotion is everywhere. The promotional activities will continue to reshape the individuals and the entire society. This change has been observed over the years and it will continue to be observed in the future as well. The advertising activities in the near future will be more dynamic. The consumer will be the part of the process of advertising. In this report, the discussion has been done on the dynamics of advertisements in past, present and future. There has been an analysis of the impact of advertisements in USA in present and the future of the advertising industry in USA will be discussed.
The promotional development will also prove to be negative as it will lead to the higher risks towards the development of the new product. The companies will rely on the development of the similar product which is popular. Failure in innovation may be expected as the success of the product will rely on the advertisements and not on any other factor. The companies will focus on copying the product of other companies and branding the same, instead of developing the new products. There will be lack of innovative developments.
Because of the change in the promotional tactics in the coming future, change in advertisement process will be observed in the future (Deuze, 2016). A giant shift in the product lines will force the organizations will have to further change their structures, decision making and budgets.
It is ascertain that, the companies of USA will focus on the interactive advertisement with the help of the multiple technologies. Several new customizations in advertising process can be observed. A complete integration between the TV channels and the websites of the advertisers will be there.

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The form and structure of the rings’ design was the core subject in the olden times but my research explores the ways which can be adopted for wearing and taking off the rings. According to myriad scholars, the stacking of the rings is a fascinating experience as helps in understanding which piece to wear and what is the best manner in which the article can be arranged. To the maker of the jewellery designs, it gives immense pleasure to understand that their set of stacking rings can be recombined and communicated for recreating the designs as per the heart’s content of the wearer. In the study, I understood that the basic idea behind the conception of the jewellery designs was based on the traditional outlook of producing metal designs which showcased sturdiness and stillness. But this statement was contradicting the characteristic of playfulness, which jewellery should portray, in the first instance. Therefore, it can be interpreted that these sturdy form of jewellery pieces are not the epitome of happiness and simplicity.
Stacking Rings (Bronze: 2016)
Both the conventional and contemporary jewellers showcased their understanding of jewellery and the contemporary jewellers reflected their personal expression in the pieces of jewellery. From the historic time, jewellery is regarded as the epitome of wealth and social status whereas some regard it as the symbol of delight and beauty. Therefore, it would be true to say that the part of these interpretations was used as an inspiration to write the current project.

This process of designing jewellery provided myself the opportunity to develop the skills and knowledge which are useful for other work related matters. The course in jewellery designing helped me to understand the significance of time management and it also taught to respect the different individuals. This was true when I conducted the interview session with the chosen respondents. Therefore, by conducting the interviews, I was able to implement my newly learnt skills in the right way and at the right place. In addition, this course helped me to understand the intricacies of the design of jewellery along with the author’s journey in making that piece through the study of his personal experiences involved. Therefore, I was able to effectively develop my skills through this research and this came true when I worked as a professional as a Taiwanese jeweller. Then I learned the knack of handling diverse customers and also understood how to satiate their diverse needs and wants by giving them exactly what they are looking for. Every customer has a different set of requirements and hence every different piece of jewellery was suitable for them.

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Woolworths是澳大利亚最大的食品和杂货零售商之一,也是新西兰第二大食品和杂货零售商。该公司在新西兰经营着156家超市,在澳大利亚经营着840家超市。以销售收入衡量,它也是澳大利亚最大的零售商之一,在新西兰和澳大利亚拥有3200多家零售店(Klettner et al., 2014)。此外,伍尔沃斯是主要的酒类零售商之一,拥有1250家酒类零售店和282家酒店。伍尔沃斯也是最大的折扣百货商店之一,汽油和消费电子产品商店分别拥有165家商店、581家直销店和394家商店。除了这些业务线,Woolworths还为澳大利亚的543家家居装修店、印度的64家电子商店和新西兰的51家超市提供批发服务(Woolworths Limited, 2015a)。业务结构如此多元化,公司在运营和财务方面面临着诸多问题,那么 接下来ps代写-Woolworths对CSR报告实践的分析和建议如下:

Both globally and domestically, Woolworths has been significant earning recognition and respect for the depth and integrity of the programs of CSR. The business is an extremely complex and diversified organization literally affecting a large group of people including employees, suppliers, investors, customers and members of the communities within which key operations are conducted. The company puts in up-most efforts for the provision of best service, quality, value and choice possible, and for the delivery of responsibilities as effectively as possible.
In this report, the financial ratios of Woolworths have been calculated and evaluated based on which is known that the business is dealing with some ups and downs, when compared with the previous financial year. Hence, in terms of these ratios, Woolworths has been facing some issues. However, these issues are minor and with appropriate strategies, the company will be able to hike up its financial figures. On the contrary, the sustainability efforts of Woolworths are aggressive, while the company appropriately reports these impacts. However, in this report, it has been identified that there is still some scope of improvements in the procedure, and hence points of recommendation have been provided.

Even though the reports on impacts of sustainability are an extremely commonplace for the organization, it still cannot be considered as a mainstream activity for Woolworths. The Global Reporting Initiative has produced various guidelines enabling the organization for producing comparable reports on the performance of sustainability. The company has been following these guidelines but there is scope for improvement. This should be set as the fundamental to demonstrate leadership within both, reporting and practicing, in an aggressive way (Klettner et al., 2014). The overall set of factors can be criticized as they resemble certain inherent meaning. Moreover, there is a need for designing the sustainability reporting governance framework such that there is provision of exhaustively appraised quality to report, specifically with respect to some indicators of performance (McGraw and Dabski, 2010). These can be applied openly when considering the interpretation of sustainability impacts.

Since the last five years, Woolworths has been leading the industry when considering Dow Jones Sustainability Indices, being the only company of the sector to be listed on it. In this report, the financial ratios of Woolworths have been calculated and evaluated, based on which, it is known that the business is dealing with some ups and downs when compared with the previous financial year. Hence, in terms of these ratios, Woolworths has been facing some issues, however, these issues are minor, and with appropriate strategies, the company will be able to hike up its financial figures. On the contrary, the sustainability efforts of Woolworths are aggressive, while the company appropriately reports these impacts (McGraw and Dabski, 2010). However, in this report, it has been identified that there is still some scope of improvement in the procedure and hence, points of recommendation have been provided. This is because the reports on impacts of sustainability are an extremely commonplace for the organization, yet it still cannot be considered as a mainstream activity for Woolworths. To support the improvement scope, there will be a crucial requirement for involving each and every department and its leader to the process of overall sustainability reporting activities.

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呼叫中心实行三班倒制,共有约120名员工,轮班经理和员工都在他们手下工作。由于电话中心已与保险公司合并,保险公司(在此情况下为雇主主管)有责任接管电话中心的工作地点安全及健康保障责任。根据《工作场所健康与安全法案》(Workplace Health and Safety Act)的规定,OHS框架假定负责该业务的人(在本例中为融合业务的负责人)将对工作场所的安全负责(澳大利亚政府,2016年)。他们对员工负有注意义务,因此必须确保他们的工作环境尽可能地无风险。此外,在对该人造成伤害的情况下,应由负有注意义务的人负责(AustLII, 2016;澳大利亚政府,2016)。现在看来,呼叫中心的设备出现了故障,可能会影响公司的工作,或对员工造成伤害。

除身体受伤外,还有报告指出,由于服务设备差,呼叫中心工作人员的士气低落。这种工作方式使他们在精神上变得冷漠和痛苦。由于这次合并所造成的人员减员,使情况进一步恶化。这些员工也没有机会去看医生,因为之前在咨询公司工作的人现在已经退休了,所以没有安排接替者。其次,由于合并,员工的担忧似乎被忽视了。接管呼叫中心的保险公司有责任确保新员工的担忧得到满足。根据OHS的立法框架,雇主有责任鼓励员工在他们认为影响健康的工作场所就这些问题发表意见。在国家层面,有国家卫生和公众服务部的法案和建议,在地区层面,一些普通法原则也被用来理解和促进工作场所的安全和健康(Chu, and Dwyer, 2002)。


The call centre employs around 120 personnel in a three shift basis, with shift managers and employee working under them. Now that the Call Centre has been merged with the insurance company, it becomes the responsibility of the insurance company (as assumed employer head in this context) to take over the responsibility for workplace safety and health assurance for the call centre. Now under the section of the Workplace Health and Safety Act, the OHS framework assumes that the person who is in charge of the business (in this case the person in charge of the converged businesses) will be responsible for the safety in the workplace (Australian Government, 2016). They owe a duty of care to their employees and hence must ensure their workplace settings are risk free as much as possible. Furthermore, in the case of an injury to the person, it is the person who owes a duty of care who would be held responsible (AustLII, 2016; Australian Government, 2016).Now the call centre place is seen to have run down equipment that could lead to issues for the company working, in either affecting the work of the company or by causing injury to the personnel.

In addition to physical injury it has also been presented that the call centre personnel are operating in conditions of poor morale because of the bad service equipment’s. This form of working causes them mental apathy and distress. The distress is furthermore increased because of the attrition that is taking place on account of the merger. The employees do not have access to a doctor either, as the person who was working with the consulting company has now retired and no replacement has been arranged as such.Secondly on account of the merger the concerns of the employees seem to be neglected. It is the duty of the Insurance company that has taken over the call centre to ensure that the new employee concerns are met. According to the OHS legislative frameworks it is the duty of the employer to encourage employees to express their opinion on those issues in the workplace that they believe affects their health. While at the national level, there is the Act and the recommendations made by the NOHSC, at the regional level, some common law principles are also used to understand and promote workplace safety and health (Chu, and Dwyer, 2002).



度假村和水疗服务的另一个挑战是年轻用户的可访问性。水疗服务被认为是摆脱压力和获得各种医疗福利的关键(D’angelo, 2011)。但由于缺乏意识,年轻用户无法访问这些服务。因此,spa运营商面临的另一个挑战是受众的扩大。根据Erfurt-Cooper & Cooper(2011)的说法,年轻观众对水疗服务的使用了解不多。至关重要的是,水疗运营商应采取适当措施,鼓励成年用户与年轻用户交流,以便他们也能了解水疗服务的医疗效益。度假村和水疗行业面临的第三个挑战是,在经济低迷期间,水疗运营商面临的困难时期。

在经济衰退期间,水疗和度假服务的销售额相当低,因为这是奢侈品消费,大多数消费者买不起。在经济低迷时期,顾客不感兴趣的是在水疗服务或旅游胜地或水疗中心花钱(Erfurt-Cooper & Cooper, 2011)。由于顾客中有一种观念,认为水疗服务是一种奢侈品,所以他们不会在这类事情上花太多钱。这可能是由于水疗服务的市场营销的水疗运营商作为纵容服务。spa运营商将spa服务作为一种昂贵而奢侈的服务进行营销,在消费者中树立了一种服务昂贵的观念。


Another challenge in the resort and spa services has been the accessibility of the services to young users. Spa service is considered vital to get rid of the stress and get various healthcare benefits (D’Angelo, 2011). But young users have been not able to access these services due to lack of awareness. Therefore, the broadening of the audience remains another challenge for the spa operators. As per Erfurt-Cooper & Cooper (2011), there is not much awareness about the use of spa services among the younger audience. It is vital that spa operators take appropriate steps to encourage the adult users to get their young ones along so that they also get to know the healthcare benefits of the spa services.The third challenge faced by the resort and spa industry is the tough time faced by the spa operators during economic downturn.

During the recession, the sales of the spa and resort services are considerably low due to the reason that it is luxury expenditure and most consumers cannot afford to buy it. The customers do not feel interested to spend money on spa services or visiting resorts or spas during the economic downturn (Erfurt-Cooper & Cooper, 2011). As there is a perception among the customers that spa service is a luxury, so they do not spend much on such things. This might be due to the marketing of the spa services by the spa operators as pampering services. The spa operators conduct marketing of the spa services as expensive and luxury service, which sets up a perception among the consumers about these services being expensive.


本篇ps代写-买方和供应商权力平衡的重要性,买方供应商的权力为供应商提供了必要的信心,买方将从专门的来源购买供应品,从而为供应商带来更多的收入。由于这一优势,供应商在材料价格上提供了优惠,以鼓励长期协会和未来购买(Chicksand, 2015)。从买方供应商的权力和交换成果中获得的产品相关的利益,以及在技术、产品开发、成本削减和及时交付等方面对整个组织的贡献也有明显的好处。接下来有关论文范文ps代写-买方和供应商权力平衡的重要性为同学们分享如下。

Consider that in the case of wal-mart, the buyer has a higher position of power than the supplier (Yilmaz Borekci et al., 2015). This is believed to be a large number of wal-mart orders to major suppliers. This flood of orders accounts for more than 90 per cent of the supplier organisation’s revenues by delivering products to wal-mart itself. This provides more benefits for the management of the organization. Wal-mart’s management can influence suppliers, reduce product costs, further provide high-quality products and deliver more functions in a timely manner. However, when the supplier’s position of power is higher than that of the buyer, it can affect the buyer’s acceptance of lower quality, increased price, and lack of availability that negatively affects the organization (Buciuni and Mola, 2014). Therefore, a balance in the position of power is necessary and a strategic partnership is formed to maximize the benefits.

In addition, the power of the buyer’s supplier provides the supplier with the necessary confidence that the buyer will purchase supplies from a specialized source, thereby generating additional revenue for the supplier. Because of this advantage, suppliers offer discounts on material prices to encourage long-term associations and future purchases (Chicksand, 2015). Product-related benefits derived from the power and exchange results of the buyer’s supplier, as well as contributions to the overall organization in terms of technology, product development, cost reduction, and timely delivery.

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