ps代写-音乐工程师诺曼·佩蒂的故事,拥有所有至关重要的技能是很重要的。他是一位独立的工程师。他有倾听的能力和注意细节的能力。这帮助他运用了独特的录音方法。他是50年代末最有争议的摇滚制作人之一,他的名字将永远与巴迪·霍利联系在一起。在他位于新墨西哥州克洛维斯人(Clovis)的建筑里,他制作了霍莉的许多顶级唱片,并与人合作创作了许多霍莉的作品。他还亲自录制唱片,并在60年代与为霍利之声(Holly sound)表演的表演者们取得了一些值得注意的成就。

However, he would never approach the greatness or sales of the music he made with Holly (Crosby, 2008). All the recordings by Petty were in mono. Petty’s initial recorder was an Ampex 401, then it was Ampex 300. These two recorded mono to “1/4” tape.
Petty knew that recording with electronic guitar can be done inside a room only when the AMP is very high. However, it can still listen to a sharp sound created by the instrument. This song had shown that the music was real. He also reported body waiting rather than use of any terms. Many a times, this was done because he felt that the recording better. He focused on reducing the hissing sound of the tape and thus improving the quality of the track. Petty brought a revolution to the recording performances. Digital multitrack tape machines which are known as machines started for the recording studios and introduced to the radio shows were an alternate to analogy mechanisms.
Both the engineers and sound recorders had to utilise their listening skills to distinguish the pure tones and random noises and to estimate the frequencies of sound. There were various complex and simple sounds which the judgement had to be made. There was requirement of technical capabilities so that the respective changes could be made and the quality of sound would be improved. There had to be professionalism in carrying out their tasks so that the recordings are synchronised with the performance (Brackett, 2000). Since there had been a lot of technical advancements, these artistic directions to be given by the producers were improved. The sound engineers are responsible for making suitable choices of sounds by listening to the request of the musicians. Thus, the key skills required for any ideal producer would be communication and interpersonal skills. The outcome of all the efforts is dependent on capability of the sound producer to know, rate and change a range of parameters of music performances, the compositions and schedules along with the quality of the sound. It is important that record producers systematically look for diverse technical and artistic prospects by critically listening and experimenting. It is similar to the performers in the way they practice regularly with their instruments. By doing so, they can create flexibility which is required for proposing different choices which are most apt for every situation. There had to be critical listening skills in order that the adaptation is there towards diverse musical genres. Not only there is the need for adjustments, but also there is a need to learn the way of using new tools. Every time these engineers worked in a different location or a different situation. With the changes in the technology, they had to adjust accordingly, thus they are required to process the flexibility skills.

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