ps代写-加拿大寄宿学校的研究和讨论。据观察,寄宿学校的传统始于大约19世纪,目的是在该国的土著和土著人中保持基督教的传统。研究发现,直到19世纪50年代,加拿大的寄宿学校还直接控制着教堂。然而,在1892年期间,人们看到加拿大联邦政府与教堂合作,以便在该国运行寄宿学校系统(Bougie和Senecal, 2010)。由于联邦政府的加入,寄宿学校所带来的积极影响之一是,它帮助将美国的寄宿学校数量从54所扩大到81所。在加拿大开办寄宿学校的初期阶段,已确定教会的重点是在半天的基础上开办学校。学生们被要求半天在教室里,半天在工作。

It has been observed that the tradition of residential schools started around the 19th century with an aim to maintain the tradition of Christianity among the native and aboriginal people of the country. According to the research, it was observed that until the 1850s, the residential schools in Canada were in direct control of the churches. However, during the period of 1892, it was seen that the Federal Government of Canada collaborated with the churches in order to operate the system of residential schools in the country (Bougie and Senécal, 2010). One of the positive impacts gained by residential schools due to the inclusion of federal government is that it helped in expanding the number of residential schools in the country from 54 to 81. During the initial phases of the inception of residential schools in Canada, it was identified that the churches focus on operating the school on a half day basis. The students were required to spend the half day in the classroom and a half day at work.

The impact of residential schools on the life of aboriginal was different as compared to non-aboriginals as the quality of life and standard of the health were poor in the residential schools. The Aboriginal students within the residential schools were forced to suffer from various tortures such as in the form of sexual, emotional, mental, physical, malnutrition, unhealthy living condition and spiritual abuse (Paquin, 2015). Moreover, the quality and quantity of food offered to the students were and the clothes provided to them were ill-fit and shabby in nature. The major reason identified behind the ill treatment of students in the residential schools was largely due to the diminishing funds which significantly affected smooth operations of the residential schools in Canada. It was seen that the students were forced not to speak their first language even with their parents. The cruelty level in the residential schools increased when students were forcefully taught in French and English language which many of them did not understand and in the workplace, the students were treated harshly and were brutally assaulted for not completing the work on time (Aljazeera, 2017).

It can be concluded by saying that the concept of residential schools established in Canada was primarily meant to transform the aboriginal natives of the country into Christianity but later on, it turned out to become one of the most horrifying places on the earth. It has been observed from the assignment that the federal government of Canada collaborated with churches in order to improve the operations of the residential schools by providing them with adequate funds. This initiative really helped to increase a number of residential schools from 54 in 1898 to 81 in 1946. Finally, it has been identified from the assignment that the impact of residential schools possesses a negative impact on the health and minds of students as they are forced to suffer emotional, physical and sexual tortures during their process of stay in the residential schools.

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