ps代写-阿斯顿·马丁汽车在土耳其的业务扩张。阿斯顿·马丁是一款标志性的汽车,有着强大的品牌形象和在汽车市场上的声誉,是公司成长计划的后盾。市场渗透率的降低会阻碍Aston Martin在土耳其的发展计划。此外,有限的产品组合不利于公司的增长计划(Worthington & Britton, 2015)。土耳其的增量增长率为业务扩张提供了充足的机会。然而,汽车市场日益激烈的竞争阻碍了公司的发展计划。整体的行为是通过微观环境分析的形式进行的,这说明了在阿斯顿马丁公司的环境中发生的变化。解释了客户分析,以说明在采购过程中所做的更改。该行为简单地解释了SWOT分析,这是通过说明的方法和机会可以很容易获得。讨论的整体结果进行了说明的方法,并建议的营销策略的方法在这方面的阿斯顿马丁。

The steady political condition leverages the expansion plan of Aston Martin in Turkey. The country’s fast growth rate and favourable business laws help the company in operating its business in Turkey. The economy is stable, and the high flow of foreign direct investment in this country also benefited the expansion plan of the company. The society is rich and can afford luxurious cars hence favour the growth plan of the Aston Martin (Winer & Dhar, 2014). Apart from these, with improved technologies, strong legal structure and abundance of natural resources support the growth of the company. Aston Martin is an iconic car with strong brand image and reputation in the automobile market is back-up the growth plan of the company. Less market penetration can impede the development plan of Aston Martin in Turkey. Besides this, the limited product portfolio is against the growth plan of the company (Worthington & Britton, 2015). The increment growth rate of Turkey provides adequate opportunities for the business expansion. However, the increasing competition in the car market hinders the growth plan of the company.
Recommendations for Marketing Strategy
The recommendations that can be provided to the Aston Martin are that the changes in the marketing plan must be made by implementing the concepts of the scarcity marketing, concentrated marketing, and the inbound marketing. These three marketing techniques will enable the company to create a focus on the quality to enable the customers to get attracted towards the products or the services provided (Blythe, 2006). It simply also enables the enhancement of the product as it is surrounding the growth of the company at the earlier stages and the appropriate placement of the product is becoming essential for the company. Other than these strategies, the company must adopt the tradeshow marketing strategy for the appropriate establishment of the trademark and the product launch can be appropriately conducted by making the sponsoring process to attract the VIPs towards the products.

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