personal statement 代写-管理者设定的目标

在personal statement 代写-管理者设定的目标中,管理者设定的目标必须是可以实现的,这个因素可以通过评估完成目标的资源的可用性来解决。管理者还必须就任务的可行性向员工提供理由(Neupane et al., 2012)。正确了解实现目标的流程和资源可以为员工提供在给定时间内完成任务的机会。目标设定的现实方面包括个人和组织的观点。从单个员工的角度,在可用资源的上下文中分析目标。组织视角是指时间管理计划与组织目标的相容性。智能目标设定模型的最后一个方面涉及目标的及时完成。这个因素给员工灌输了一种紧迫感,因此时间管理可以得到改善。接下来有关personal statement 代写-管理者设定的目标分享给大家阅读。

The goals set by managers must be achievable. This factor can be addressed by evaluating the availability of resources to complete the targets. Managers must also provide justifications to employees regarding the feasibility of the tasks (Neupane et al., 2012). Proper knowledge of the process and resources to achieve an objective can offer employees an opportunity to complete tasks within given timeframe.
The realistic facet of goal setting comprises of an individual as well as organizational perspective. From an individual employee’s perspective the targets are analyzed in context of the available resources. The organizational perspective refers to the compatibility of time management plan with the organizational objectives.
The final facet of the SMART goal setting model deals with the timely completion of objectives. This factor inculcates a sense of urgency in employees and thus time management can be improved.
The above mentioned model of goal setting can help Mr. Jones to eliminate the irregularities in completion of tasks as observed in the case of Mr. Kapoor. The HR team must also understand the importance of delegation. The definition of delegation in an organization is relevant to the personal development plans of employees in an organization (Krishnan, Teo & Lim, 2013). The effects of delegation include development of an individual from personal as well as professional perspectives. Managers bear the responsibility of improvising the standards of their subordinates by delegation of tasks. Delegation of tasks is a simple process which involves research on individual capabilities of employees so that the appropriate tasks can be assigned to them. If tasks involving the required set of skills possessed by an employee are provided to the concerned employee, then it will catalyze their personal growth in terms of proficiency as well as professional growth in terms of position in the company. Effective delegation is also necessary for acquiring knowledge concerning the management of tasks in an organization (Graycar, 2014). Managers earn experience while delegating tasks and employees learn different skills when they are subject to delegation. Thus the role of delegation in standardizing employee performance can be ascertained from the nature of impact delegation.

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