Native Americans live within the boundaries of the United States. They include the people from Alaska and Hawaii. Native Americans have very different and rich culture as compared to any other tribes or ethnic groups in United States. In the past they have suffered lots of pain and they have struggled a lot in establishing themselves. Old Indian culture has played a major role in influencing these types of cultures (Kroeber, 1947). Even the plants and animals were given very much importance and were considered as Gods. They used to believe that rain, sun and other natural things are God.

The most important integral part of Native American culture was Totem. The natives Indians used to believe that each human being has taken life from an animal and when the individual will die, he will return his soul to that animal or his soul will be absorbed by the animal. They have made a very large and tall wooden piece of carving in which they have made pictures of animals and each animal was a symbol of someone from the family who had passed away.

They were very good artists and used to carve animals on the wooden poles. As I have already mentioned that these animals were used symbolize their family members who had already passed away. They believed that these animals had absorbed the spirits of their family members.