essay代写-组织政治和组织生命周期。在一个组织中,政治包括团体或个人为产生特定影响而有意采取的行为。这种影响既可以是为了增强自身利益,也可以是为了保护自身利益。政治的兴起伴随着利益的碰撞,同时提出和采纳变革。员工之间、个人之间、协作之间以及整个组织内都有兴趣。关键的战略方法受到关于主导联盟的决策和环境的影响(Landy和Conte, 2016)。关键的结果是与不同的动机因素的联盟,在一个过程中涉及到持续的讨价还价。由于几个原因,对业务流程的合理理解可能存在缺陷。这些原因包括对以往战略的强烈承诺、特定的意识形态和价值、理性的局限和多重目标。接下来论文范文 essay代写-组织政治和组织生命周期分享给留学生阅读。

In an organization, politics is inclusive of intentional acts performed by groups or individuals for having a specific influence. This influence can either be for enhancement of or protection of self-interest when there is possible course of action under conflict. There is a rise of politics with the collision of interest, while proposing and adopting change. There interests are among employees, individually and collaboratively, and throughout the organization. The key strategic approach is being affected by decisions made with respect to dominating coalition and by the context of environment (Landy and Conte, 2016). The key outcomes are of coalitions with different factors of motivation in a process involving continuous bargaining. There can be flaws in the rational understanding of the business process due to several reasons. These reasons include strong commitment to previous strategy, specific ideology and value, limitation of rationality and multiple goals.

Rational model holds the assumption of perfect knowledge about consequences and alternatives, perfect capacity of processing, unitary goals and objectives, and maximization of behaviour. However, there is an involvement of multiple goals due to the involvement of external and internal stakeholder (Parhankangas et al., 2014). In general, the decision making of US companies such as Tesco is quick. My superiors at Tesco had been providing significant leeway across subordinates while making decisions and deciding quickly. The roles played by the management authorities have extreme individualization. There is significant contribution made by individuals which is in link with company objectives. The focus of US Company is specific on the final result or return on investment. There is no specific concern for certain achievement. US organizations have been spending less time in the establishment of a specific process (Alsalami et al., 2014). As the United States involves multiple cultures, the overall company will be consisting of several nationalities referring to various thought processes. In return, scientific revolution has resulted in significant advancement of technology. This enables significant enhancements. The regime of management has preceded the enlightened character and innovations of employee welfare.

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