The applied linguistics can be a process where the theoretical and empirical investigation in realtime problems is the central factor that is considered. The issues of miscommunication in social life, discourses, classrooms, and hospitals along with the language policies and testing procedures can be used. Added to this the learning process becomes an inception point where the foundational field of research that aides towards the second language acquisition. These factors have caused the language educators to draw from their linguistic research to learn about the issues that they encounter in the different practices.
In this context, the teacher uses multiple tools to make a point to the students. Kumaravadivelu (2003) states that the consequence of constructing post method pedagogy can aid the students to visualize the notions from a three-dimensional system. This kind of post method of teaching is used for the advancement of a context-sensitive language that is based on the sociocultural, and political particularities. These are used for the rupture of the role relationship that occurs between the theorists and practitioners. It calls for the teachers to focus on the particularity, practicality, and possibility of the pedagogical tools. These are used for the communication.
Teacher Role
An intricate relationship exists between language and literature. The literature is developed from the language. It is imperative for the teachers to understand this relationship. They try to change the traditional methods of teaching in the case of foreign language instruction. In this case the teacher uses the example of “wife wanted” to make the point of teaching the language. The teacher uses the techniques to remove cultural and linguistic barriers and makes the teaching more fruitful. The aide of the tools of blackboard and communication the teacher has tried to emulate the teaching patterns. The first priority of the teacher is to define the teaching literature. It is mandatory to develop the needs and create expectation for the students. The teacher is taken on the role of a mediator, facilitator between the language and the language acquisition process by the students.

Sharpe (2008) has explained about the ways in which the teacher manoeuvred and made real-time analysis with the students at a macro level. They have planned these strategies to work on concepts between the different kinds of writer voice. In the development of the scaffolding process there are many kinds of negotiated meaning that is constructed. Sharpe (2008) explores about the dynamics and the modalities with which the language is constructed. There is the use of the apprenticing tool that the teacher has used to make their point across. When dealing with technical aspects and fundamental modalities of the speech patterns the teacher needs to have dialogic methods of communication. It is important for the teacher to take up multiple roles to make the students listen. The teaching pattern of the teacher depends on how the students would perceive the information.

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