essay代写价格-电影《码头风云》的讨论分析中,基本上可以说《码头风云》是一个讲道德品质的故事,讲的是当一个有力量和韧性的人在群体中站出来反对腐败行为时,如何与腐败作斗争并取得胜利。尽管影片没有闪回和次要情节,而是直接向前推进,但影片的力量从开场就体现出来了,用自信的打击乐器演奏,特里被派去引诱乔伊·多伊尔(Joey Doyle)进入一个潜伏的圈套。它传达了可信的战略程序的表演教授在演员工作室。它证实了为戏剧准备的各种能力的表演资格。抛开电影的故事情节、纷乱的场景和政治含义不谈,这部电影确实跻身好莱坞经典之列,并凭借对白、摄影等获得了多项奥斯卡奖、金球奖和其他电影奖项。多年来,这部电影因美国电影史上最著名的场景而被人们铭记,接下来有关essay代写价格-电影《码头风云》的讨论分析如下:

Basically, it can be stated that “On the Waterfront” is an ethical quality story about how the battle of corruption can be fought and won when a man of strength and resilience rises up within the group to contradict the corrupt activities. Despite the fact that the film advances in a direct way without flashbacks and subplots, the strength of the film is declared from the opening scene, with its confident instrumental percussion, in which Terry is dispatched to bait Joey Doyle into a lurking setup. It conveyed believability to the strategy procedure of acting taught at the Actors Studio. It confirmed the acting qualifications of various abilities prepared for the theater. It brought approval and fame to Marlon Brando, and even quickly made muttering popular. It additionally made no less than one persevering vignette (“I coulda been a contender”) which has habitually been mocked. Although the film is generally hailed as an achievement in Hollywood of 1950’s, the film’s outcome still pollutes its notoriety for being a work of art. The way that Terry moves, maybe too advantageously, from an unpredictable individual through the demonstration of illuminating to a symbol of Christian trustworthiness and endurance has disturbed certain viewers. Some have also argued on the positive ending of the film that it does not justify the narrative’s case. But after the confrontation of Terry, he is the solitary man of quality who wins the backing of the longshoremen. From one point of view it can be said that, the act of informing is defended as well as purified and made splendid.

Regardless of the film storyline, distracted scenes, political implications, the film did storm its way into the ranks of Hollywood classics and won a number of Academy, Globe and many other cinematic awards for its dialogue delivery, cinematography, etc. This film over the years has been remembered for the most famous scene of American film history, and without a doubt one of the simplest ever to shoot: two siblings, talking in the secondary lounge of a taxicab. When they were joined by the trust of moving out of their youth characterized by slum dwelling through the support of essential individuals. Now they are isolated by the rising good feeling of one of the siblings, and the rising apprehension of the other that the imperative individuals may turn on them both and rip them apart. None of the criticism could reduce the emotions and feelings it left on the viewers. On the closing, I would like to say that on the Waterfront is a nice film with respect to the narrative speeches and the cinematographic arts being used in the film, although there have been many other films that have pushed the boundaries of Hollywood to the next level getting inspired from this masterpiece from Elia Kazan.

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