essay代写-洪水分析的HEC HMS模型风格

essay代写-洪水分析的HEC HMS模型风格。对区域进行洪水分析,并结合降水测量、建模和分析,将有助于当前天气状况的变化。在当前气候变化的许多情况下,人们观察到强降雨和洪水的情况被触发。厄尔尼诺和厄尔尼诺现象被认为是造成这些剧烈降雨和洪水的因素。在此背景下,拥有某种形式的HEC HMS模型将是有帮助的,这项研究试图提供美国堪萨斯州约翰逊乡村地区洪水分析的案例研究。泛洪分析,以及如何利用HEC HMS的建模风格将提供更多的信息,因此这两种方法都将在上下文中介绍。本案例研究试图通过案例研究的方式对这一主题进行全面的讨论,并就HEC-HMS软件的使用和建模如何被其他人模拟提出一般性的建议。接下来论文范文essay代写-洪水分析的HEC HMS模型风格分享给留学生阅读。

The flood analysis of regions combined with water fall measurement modelling and analysis will be helpful given the current state of the changing weather conditions. In many situations in the current state of the changing weathers, it has been observed that heavy rainfall and flood situations are triggered. The El Nino and the El Nina effects are presented as the factors that cause these drastic rainfalls and flooding. Having some form of a HEC HMS modelling in this context would be helpful and this research attempts to present the case study of a flood analysis of the Johnson country region in Kansas of the United States. The flood analysis, and the ways to make use of the HEC HMS style of modelling would enable more information and hence both are presented in context. The case study research attempts to present a comprehensive discussion of the topic by means of the case study and makes general recommendations on how HEC-HMS software usage and the modeling could be simulated by others.

The modelling is mostly done only in such cases of capability and suitability as would be helpful for forecasting or prediction. However, for a more holistic way the modelling necessary for existing weather and disaster prediction systems must be enabled (Linsley et al, 1982). The existing research studied focus on HEC using the DEMs Digital elevation models of the study areas. This was connected with other vendor support softwares such as that of the GeoHMS. GeoHMS is an extension of the Arc ViewGIS. It makes it possible for conducting what is called the catchment delineation. In areas of high rainfall and flood prone situation as noted from history, a detailed terrain pre-processing can be carried out. The assessment of basins could also be carried out. The model was calibrated and verified using the historical observed data and trends for the area. Research works are often seen to rely on the historic data trends more. Work done in countries such as China indicate that in the case of flooding events, the determination coefficients were noted to be in the range of 0.9 which is an acceptable range as the historical data shows. Relative errors were also seen to be in the acceptable ranges only.

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