在本篇代寫論文-LV的競爭網格分析中了解到,可以認為集中於所提供的所有領域具有巨大的意義。LV的營銷策略為其提供了重要的競爭優勢范圍。這些策略包括與Marc Jacob等創意設計師的良好合作關系,Marc Jacob是品牌拓展LV設計的關鍵。這種合作關系一直在提升該品牌的獨家系列。其他增加的策略包括利用YouTube視頻進行新的推廣和線上銷售,以獲取LV的品牌體驗。另外,公司需要重新考慮在LV網購體驗上的戰略實施。必須落實金融投資、專用資源、周密規劃、創新願景和研發。有必要利用一個精心設計、發展和實施的平台來擴大目前的創造力。為了有效的運營網絡部門,直接關注網絡購物體驗對人員的需求是非常大的。設計和營銷團隊將是為每一位品牌客戶創造世界級體驗的主要需求。接下來論文范文代寫論文-LV的競爭網格分析分享給留學生閱讀。

According to the competitive grid framework placed in the above section of the report, it can be stated that there is huge significance of concentrating on all of the areas provided. It can be stated that the marketing strategies of LV have been providing it with a significant scope of competitive edge. These strategies are inclusive of its partnership and good relations with creative designers such as Marc Jacob, who can be considered as the key of the brand to expand the designs of LV. This partnership has been enhancing the exclusive collections of the brand. Other addition strategies are inclusive of new efforts of promotion and online sale by the utilization of YouTube video in order to capture the brand experience of LV.

The brand imagery of LV can be further enhanced by showing commitment towards a number of social causes and environment programs along with stronger values perceiving Corporate Social Responsibilities. This will establish a sense of goodness among customers who are eco- friendly, about the purchases of product from a business maintaining ecological conscience. In addition, the company needs to reconsider its strategic implementation in the online shopping experience of LV. There must be an implementation of financial investment, dedicated resources, thorough planning, creative vision, and research and development. There is a need for enhancing the scope of current creativity with a platform well designed, developed and implemented. For the effective operation of online division, there is a significant requirement of staffing for having a direct focus on the experience of online shopping. The team of design and marketing will be a major requirement of creation of world class experience for each and every customer of the brand. The company cannot ignore the fact that there is an effective boosting of brand appeal among the key customers should be enabled who show willingness in the differentiation of sustainable products for perceiving their personal preferences and tastes. The performance of brand should be providing an appropriate demonstration about its durability and reliability, as a result, the customers will be having well recognition of its stylish and well- designed products.

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