From the high-income segment, the company targets men and women with high income. For this purpose, the company has to maintain two distinct segments: men and women. Targeting is the second step of the STP process and in this procedure every profile characteristics a segment depiction and different profits measures to support in the targeting process.
The company places their watches as accurate and imperishable watches, which are designed for the aviation and the marine professionals (Saxena, 2010). The final step of STP process is positioning, and it provides adequate focus on the competitive advantages as well as benefits of products.
The new advertisement policy of the company exhibits distinctive marketing direction. For accommodating the mass market, Rolex eventually brings their delicate technology to life. It is observed that consumers’ tendency of enjoying high-end lifestyle is growing. However, in the case of Breitling, it will be risky to target the same groups of customers as the core competence of company is developing the capacity of the innovative products. Growing demand of industrialized market orientation timepiece in luxury watch market provides substantial opportunity to the company.
The quality and price of Breitling watches are consistent, and the watches are durable, and as adequate quality control measure has been applied to each watch, the performance of the watch are unmatched. The company offers a strong guarantee for its entire watches and offers appropriate value to the customers’ money.
The appearance plays a vital role in the luxury watches market and the Breitling watches provide simple and modest look. Precious metal silver and crystals are used to make the watches that provide glamorous feel; sapphire crystal defends against scratches along with the strong light. With all these features, the watches from the company provide reliable performance for the aviation industry (Cadle, Paul and Turner, 2014). Therefore, the company ensures satisfaction of its core customers groups.
Breitling watches can be bought from its stores, and its online presence is also significant. Therefore, a potential customer can buy Breitling watch from its store and boutique as well as from its official website also. The customers can access more than 90% of latest models Breitling watches in store and boutique.

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