代写价格-英国年度报告中的分析图表。Sugden(1989)的实证研究提供了大量与英国年度报告中可能包含的图表相关的误导实践的例子。Rice和Roemmich(1980)进行了另一项实证研究,他们对公司在1977年和1978年的50份不同年度报告进行了检查。这些公司的名单是从《财富》500强中挑选出来的。在这份清单中,在所有年度报告的423张图中,大约有125张图是用不恰当的方式构建的。用于构建这些图的样本量更小,它们实际上不符合测量失真的程度(Healy & Wahlen, 1999)。还有许多其他作家也越来越强调图形感知中的认知任务(Kosslyn, 1985, 1989;(Simkin & Hastie. 1987),并实施了该方案,以分析图表在三个不同层次上的沟通有效性。这包括句法、语义和语用。论文范文代写价格-英国年度报告中的分析图表分享给留学生阅读。

The empirical studies had been conducted by Sugden (1989) who provided the examples of the large number of misleading practices related to the graphs which may be containing in the annual reports prepared in UK. Another empirical study was done by Rice and Roemmich (1980) who did the examination for the fifty different annual reports of the companies in the year 1977 and 1978. The list of the companies had been selected from the Fortune 500 list. In this list, out of the total of 423 graphs in all the annual reports, around 125 of the graphs had been constructed in an improper manner. The sample size which had been used for the purpose of construction of these graphs was smaller and they actually didn’t qualify to the degree of measurement distortion (Healy & Wahlen, 1999). There are many other writers who have also laid more and more emphasis on the cognitive tasks in the graphical perception to a greater extent (Kosslyn, 1985, 1989; Simkin & Hastie. 1987) and have implemented the scheme for the purpose of analysis of the communicative effectiveness of the graphs at three different levels. These include the syntactic, semantic and pragmatic.

The model directly focuses on the basic components which are related to the graph. Other than this, it also specifies the interrelations which may be there at different levels of analysis. Some of the effective communication may require that the graph doesn’t violate any of the acceptability principles at some or the other levels. The scheme for the evaluation of the graphs by Kosslyn’s is broader than that of Cleveland. The primary function of the graph s is to provide the information. From the literature it can be analysed that the graphs related to some of the most important financial variables are required to be included in the annual reports of some of the companies whose performance is good rather than the companies whose performance is not good.The performance in these situations has been analysed in the terms of earnings per share and the profit which is earned before the tax as the profit indicators (Dilla & Janvrin, 2010).

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