Both the themes of the movies are dark. Another similarity is the search for reality and truth is evident. Characters in the story line are interested in finding out the truth. In order to highlight the dark themes of the story line the director has used distinctive melancholic music, darker shades and slower development of the characters. Color palette used is similar hues and lighting. There is clearly a dark theme that is present and audience can feel impending disaster. Director creates an alternative surreal dimension that is essentially the protagonist’s worst nightmare. There is a clear style of David Fincher that can be seen in this story. He makes the audience empathize and relate to the protagonists. Audience can feel the revelations when each of the protagonists starts to seek the truth. Some aspects of the truth are downright incorrigible and surreal that makes the movie interesting and engrossing. Upon release there was a lot of cortical praise and acclaim for the movies. This is because of the treatment of characters. Director has successfully essaying a different perspective to the audience. There is an intrigue element that is present in the story line that makes it truly special to the audience.
Modern contemporary era has started to make men question about their abilities. There is emasculation of the male protagonist in the story line. This makes them even more driven and emotional in order to establish them (Browning 88). Life is unfair to the protagonists hence in order to combat this issue they try to develop alterative means that are necessarily not moral. However there is a strong affinity towards morality. This emasculation of the men is primarily due to the absent father figures.

There is a general disgruntlement against the vices of men and society in the story line. There is a lot of importance that is given to external environment. These external environments are blamed for the issues. David Fincher has also shown selfishness, greed of men in the story. In Seven, Kevin spacey tries to show to the world the seven sins. This story makes people wonder about humanity and the general unfair notions. There is importance given to romance and also there has been considerable speculation about the loss of their loved ones in the story.

Another aspect that is common between these two movies is the handling of the concept of violence. Violence in the story line is obvious. However there are many elements that make David Fincher view of “Violence” intriguing. Violence in the movies is not really portrayed as evil (Browning 17). Rather there are many elements that are considered in the acts of violence. This makes the people wonder about the reasons for the violence and how it spiritually awakens each person. 

Director’s visions of conflicts and perplexities are seen in two distinctive scenes in both movies. In Fight Club, Tyler disappears and audiences are confused along with the narrator. They cannot understand why Tyler disappears and why everyone calls the narrator Tyler. In the same way in the movie Seven, Doe suddenly comes and surrenders. No one can understand the rationale behind the elusive serial killer surrendering himself. Audiences are perplexed and intrigues. They want to find out the mystery element behind the particular scenes. In this scenario, the director’s vision and talent is essayed. Subsequent scenes after these particular scenes explain the rational behind violence in the movie. The audience appreciates violence because of the intrigue. 

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