Apart from undergoing a testing process and application, the product must have the physical mark applied over product before being sold or entering in China. Marking and labelling requirements are made mostly by different authorities of industry. However, the sale of each and every product in China has to be marked in the language of Chinese. The State Administration for Quarantine, Inspection and Quality Supervision hold the requirement of exported and imported items of food like cheese, canned food, nuts, wine and candy. This is done for ensuring the verification of labels and test on products for quality prior to the exporting or importing of goods. In China, as per the Food Labelling Standards, foods imported should have clear markings for the indication of country of origin, apart from the address and name of the general distributor having registration under the national authorities.

The documents necessary for the exporter in order to export in China with their merchandise are as follows:
The certification of inspection also holding the requirement for packaging of wood
A sample of label in a translated version in Chinese
A sample of label to be in compliance with the regulations of China
The certificate of health for exportation
The certification of origin
The notice on shipment to the importer from the sender
The bill of being laden
The manifestation of cargo
The list of packaging
The invoice
The bill of order and sale confirmation
On the other hand, the General Rules of Pre-Packaged Labelling of Food provides an indication for basic requirements that must be presented by label for the consideration of law. The label has to focus on the following:
To be in compliance with the standards of food safety
To maintain clarity, indelibility, obviousness and easily read for the customer
To be in support of accurate and true scientific data
No separation from the product of food being referred to
Being written in Chinese characters in a legible and correct manner, except for the trademark registered

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