This might affect the organizational flexibility and the corporate image. In this regard, several arguments regarding the application of McDonaldization and physical setting have been put forwarded to improve the product quality and the services (Johnston & Clark, 2005). The concept of McDonaldization will change the complicated society and will bring flexibility and uniformity to the entire organization structure. It can be justified by highlighting that McDonaldization and physical setting will be effective in focusing on four primary factors. They are efficiency, predictability, calculability and control (Spencer, 2010). One of the important functions of McDonaldization is efficiency through which the complicated tasks can be performed within smaller duration with a little effort. The understanding of McDonaldization and physical setting is significant to improve the service quality of an organization because through these concepts, the standardization of the fast food products carries more importance about designing the product process. In the context of quality management based on the case study, it can be justified that in order to improve the service quality of the concerned organization, the importance of physical evidence is being highlighted through McDonalzalition and physical setting. The physical evidences can be categorized into two broader categories. One is facility exterior and the other one is facility interior (Mudie & Pirrie, Services Marketing Management, 2006).
The facility exterior is an innovation which plays the primary role in designing, parking, signage etc. The facility interior includes the covering of layout and designing, the use of equipment and signage etc. The other important part of the physical setting is tangible products. Uniforms and business cards are of high importance in the tangible products. However, it can be critically analyzed that at the time of implementing McDonaldization and physical setting, operational failures might arise. The team performance is not strong enough in undertaking any complex organizational decisions. In order to avoid these challenges, the packaging of the services and rightly delivery of the services is of greater concern to evaluate (Morin et al., 2007). This, in turn, reduces perceived risks. In addition, the cognitive dissonances can also be reduced. To detail further, to improve the service quality of an organization, socialization among the employees and the customers is important. It put emphasis on certain etiquettes among the employees who are use the uniforms and the formation of coherent group structure. It had been argued by different authors like Mudie & Pirrie (2006) that McDonaldization and physical setting is effective in providing well-designed facilities o the customers.

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