在本篇assignemnt代写-女童教育问题的讨论中看到,近几十年来,对无障碍环境的特殊关注推动了女童教育问题的讨论。这掩盖了平等为女孩提供优质教育的字面目标(Subrahmanian, 2015)。那里有和男孩一样的优势和机会。在教育领域促进性别平等有五项主要原则。这些原则有助于确保每个学习者的所有需求在教育项目中得到满足。标准方法的使用考虑了男女之间的相互作用和关系。这种关系和互动被定义为性别动力学。在教育方面,有确保平等的可及性、平等的学习过程、男性的性别参与、多个切入点和有效的政策。接下来有关assignemnt代写-女童教育问题的讨论分享给大家阅读。

Since the last few decades, the specific focus upon accessibility drives the discussion on education among girls. This overshadows the literal objective of parity for providing girls with education of good quality (Subrahmanian, 2015). There is offer of the same advantages and opportunities as boys. There are five main principles for the promotion of gender equality in the field of education. These principles are helpful in ensuring that all needs of every learner are met in the education projects. The use of a standard approach considers the interaction and relations between females and males. This relation and interaction is defined as gender dynamics. There are main principles adopted in education for ensuring equal accessibility, equal learning process, male gender involvement, multiple points of entry and effective policy. Following are the five main principles involved (Hafkin and Huyer, 2016):
The achievement of equality requires specific focus on relevance, quality and access to education.
There is an inextricable link between educational quality and gender equality.
In order to address gender issues, there must be a crucial involvement of everyone, women, men, boys and girls.
There has to be existence of multiple entry points for the purpose of promoting gender equality in the design of educational program.
There must be specific indicators as per some projects. These should not have sole inclusion of standardized measurement of school transition, completion, retention and enrolment at the upper levels. However, there are certain factors that impact the overall scope of educational equality and quality. There must be a consideration of the relative impact from the initial point viewing specific project targets required among boys and girls (Spring, 2016). There are some factors that impact the equality of education. These factors are: 1) number of female teachers, 2) number of teachers sensitized or trained to deal with gender issues, 3) event of gender insensitivity across the classroom, 4) and occurrence of insecurity or harassment in schools under the disaggregation of gender.

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