代寫論文-中國市場無現金支付所存在的問題。中國市場的無現金支付存在著不同的問題。所有的銀行流程都是通過互聯網和應用程序進行的,應用程序中存在不同的證券,但黑客試圖攻擊賬戶,刪除所有的信息,並將所有的錢轉移到另一個賬戶(Appiah, Mawutor和Owusu-Dankwa, 2016)。中國的老年人正面臨著無現金支付的問題。他們沒有足夠的知識來操作智能手機、平板電腦和電腦,而智能手機和電腦的使用對於完成在線支付過程是非常重要的。在中國,有些人無法操作ATM機,所以他們需要別人的幫助,並與他們分享密碼,因此很少有人會因為騙子而丟失自己的錢(Sung, Awasthi and Lee, 2017)。

The researchers gathered the information from the various sources in the market about the knowledge and experience of the people regarding the cashless payments. Most of the developed countries in the world accepted the online transaction to take major steps against the corruption (Sung, Awasthi and Lee, 2017). In case of the cashless transaction, there is a clear evidence for every transaction but in the other hand, there is no structural evidence in case of cash payments. Without any evidence, there is a high risk of corruption, and for that reason, the government of most of the countries take the decision with a view to move towards the cashless payments. The cashless payment mode is very easy for the all type of customer. The customer only needs to remember the password (Appiah, Mawutor and Owusu-Dankwa, 2016). At first, the old people and the inexperienced people of the China faced the problems regarding the ATM transaction and for the EDC transaction but in the present market average 70 percent old people are using the debit and credit cards so that it is clear that most people of the China also accepted the cashless payment system but the payment modes and transaction modes of the older people and the younger people are different (Sung, Awasthi and Lee, 2017). The older people are more prefer the debit and credit cards for the cashless payments and most of the younger people in China are using the online payment, wallets and the mobile banking by using their smart phones. It is clear that the response of the Chinese with a view to the cashless payment system is very effective (Goyal, 2017).
2.3 Literature Gap
Literature gap refers to the limitation of the research paper or a topic that is not addressed in the paper. Sometimes, the researchers cannot get the proper information with a view to some topic, and for that reason, the researchers are unable to address this topic on the research paper. The researcher gathered the information from the different sources such as different journals, books and research papers to complete this project, but there are different gaps or limitation are present in the research paper regarding the cashless payment system. The researchers cannot explain the process by which the online transactions are made. The researchers cannot explain the problems regarding the internet related problems during the online transaction. Sometimes, the computer shows that the transaction failed but the amount debited from the bank this is one of the major problems in online transaction. The researchers cannot identify the preventive measure regarding the problem.

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